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About the Hormone and Menopause Resource Center

Dear Patient:

Healthcare for Women created the Hormone and Menopause Resource Center because even the normal hormonal changes that happen throughout a woman’s lifetime can be confusing and can sometimes cause distressing symptoms.  These issues are not being addressed adequately, and there is a lack of good resources for women.  Unfortunately, many women are using ineffective, non-approved products with unknown additives and safety profiles.

There are many approaches to helping women achieve hormonal wellness throughout her lifetime, especially through the menopause transition.  We start by listening and explaining.  A cornerstone of our practice is the education of our patients. We listen to your story, perform a detailed individual analysis, educate you on your specific issues, and develop individualized treatment plans through shared decision-making. Our goal is to support wellness at every age through education, evaluation, and customized care.

Hormonal balance is too big to be managed at the annual exam, it deserves special attention.  Let us here, at the Hormone and Menopause Resource Center, start you on a pathway of personal knowledge and develop a wellness plan with resources to assist you along the way.

Amy E. Porter, M.D.
Ingrid M. Winterling, M.D.
Bridgett L. Casadaban, MD